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Trip to DC for the National Prayer Breakfast

--> There’s nothing more dull than hearing about someone else’s trip.   That’s why I put this on my blog instead of somewhere else.   But if you’re at my blog, then you’re okay with being bored by the personal details of my life, so here ya go! Although I’ve been to DC several times, I’d never been invited to an “official” DC event.   So when Congressman Jeb Hensarling’s office called and invited me to join him for the National Prayer Breakfast, I was pleased to say yes.   I had no responsiblities for this event – it was a party I wasn’t going to throw.   I could just go along for the ride.   When I got to DC on Tuesday, it didn’t take long to remember why I brought my “big” coat!   I stepped out into the jetway and went WHOA!   That’s cold!   As soon as my bag came through the carousel, I pulled that coat out!   I had to hurry, however, as I had (foolishly) made a 6 PM appointment with Congressman Jeb Hensarling.   I didn’t make it at 6.   Kindly, Jeb waited for me