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Speaking on Parenting

This Sunday is the next step in our series on "Building the Church."  This week is "building the church by building our children."  Nothing scares me more than speaking on the family.  Allow me to explain. The life of a pastor is one that can be challenging for the pastor himself.  It can be unbearable for his family if he's not careful.  For me, I can manage expectations others have for me.  Those expectations are some that I signed up for when I began to serve as a pastor.  But the expectations for my lovely bride and our son. . . . that's a different story.  I convinced Julie to marry me based on the presumption that I was going to be a professor, not a pastor.  She grew up in a pastor's home - she knew better than to marry a pastor!  Furthermore, our son Joshua didn't have a choice.  By virtue of being adopted into our home, he bears the burden of those expectations too.  People expect us to be perfect, having all the pieces in their proper pla