C.F.D. Moule - The Passing of a Legend

Christian scholarship has lost a true legend, a giant in his field. Dr. Moule, or "Charlie" as he was known to friends, went home to be with the Lord this week. Perhaps you've never heard of him - here's a link to his full obituary. Throughout my studies, I encountered Dr. Moule and his writings such as Birth of the New Testament and An Idiom Book of the Greek New Testament. What I didn't know as much of was his work within the church. A committed churchman, Dr. Moule was sought after as a speaker on special occasions and ordination services. A true gentleman, Dr. Moule's work as both a scholar and a churchman is the kind of mold I hope for the Lord to fit me into. Lord, thanks for sending us men like Dr. Moule to imitate.


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