A few notes on football

I don't often discuss sports. Not because I don't love it, but because it's not the passion of my life. That spot is already taken. But I've got a few things on my mind this miserable afternoon.
OUTCOACHED - again. Stop me if you've heard this before. I'm a big fan of coach Mack Brown and his style (my wife calls me a "Mack apologist), but let's be honest. Mack Brown and the UT coaching staff were (again) taken to the woodshed by Coach Bob Stoops - again. Talent-level, it was just about even. Yet for the 6th time in 8 years, our coaches found a way to lose a very winable game. Intolerably frustrating is a fair description. Combine that with poor decisions by (I believe) an injured quaterback and you have a loss. Another year of just hoping we can make it to the Holiday Bowl. Don't get me wrong - San Diego is not a bad place. It's my favorite vacation spot to tell you the truth. But that's not the goal. Nor is 2 conference losses before October 10. Ugh! In case you're counting, the Longhorns are 25-6 in the 2000's for the month of October. All 6 losses are to OU.
As for our beloved Frankston Indians, there are a few things I haven't told you. This year, I've been serving as team chaplain and general go-fer. I've also been serving as one of two team videographers. As such, I get to stand on top of the press-box with my partner. Can't ask for a better view, home or away. It's not all good, however, as last night proved definitively. We played at Mildred, near where we lived for more than 7 years, Corsicana. I was genuinely looking forward to it, win or lose. As it turns out, we lost a hard-fought game, 21-14. I can live with that - our kids played hard - it just didn't work out this time. What bothers me was some of the things I heard from the Mildred coaching staff. I don't know those men, but it always concerns me when I hear men who are charged with helping boys become men use "salty" language. Furthermore, at one point, one athlete was clearly not in the game mentally. One of the coaches, from the roof of the press-box over the crowd for all to hear, shouted down to the athlete telling him "I'm up here! Come up here if you don't like it!" I was embarassed for him. A grown man talking to a 16 yr old boy. Unacceptable. Is it a wonder many of our boys are confused as to what a man is supposed to be about?
In closing, I've just one thing to say - GO COWBOYS!


nuttandhoney said…
I have never been a beliver in management by intimadation. Guess that is why I left my former profession. I totally agree with you. As leaders we should be the example. Management or not as an adult we are examples to our kids, neighbors, friends. What are we telling those who are looking at us????

AND YES>>>>> GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!
mavgirl27 said…
I just want to say How 'bout those COWBOYS!!!!!!!

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