Final report on Amarillo

We got home last night around 9:00 PM and we were so glad to get here. Julie and I love to travel - we've been on numerous trips since we've been married - but there's still nothing like coming home. Just in case you're wondering what my analysis of the days spent at the BGCT, here goes.
- The BGCT is only a shadow of what it once was. Too many poor decisions and too many self-defeating visions. But it's not dead - yet. The Convention MUST do a better job of allowing the annual meeting to at least FEEL like there's something to be decided. For example, when the Budget proposal was presented, complete with a $500,000 cut to Missions and Ministries and an increase to Baylor University, it was passed. There was only slight discussion because I honestly think people are either (1) in agreement with it, (2) complacent about it or (3) have realized there's not much the body can do. I was disappointed with the budget so I didn't vote yes or no.
- The BGCT simply MUST do a better job of appealing to younger leaders. Aside from Rick Warren's message on Monday night and Howard Batson's powerful message Tuesday morning, it was like someone encapsulated a conference from 1955 and opened it right there! It felt defitively aimed at those in the 50+ crowd.
- The fate of the BGCT hangs on who is chosen as the new Executive Director. Retiring Executive Director Dr. Charles Wade is a fine man with many admirable qualities. But the future really hinges on who will replace him.
- Swift action is necessary or more cuts in the BGCT are coming.


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