Report from Amarillo

Wow. It was like old-home day. We saw so many old friends, people with whom we shared life in various ways through our journey, both before we were married and after. We were witness to the historic event of electing our first female president of the Baptist General Convention of Texas. Congratulations Joy Fenner (or I'm sorry - we'll know later which is appropriate). We were there for the message from Rick Warren, Pastor of Saddleback Church near Los Angeles. He preached for an hour (if you can call it preaching) and for the most part, we didn't mind a lick. We connected with people who we'll consider partnering with in future ministries at FBC - more on that later. Julie and I ate supper with Eddie Hilburn last night, sharing a meal as well as hearing stories about many of you (not to worry - all pleasant ones). It has been well worth our trouble to get here. We'll leave for home right after lunch - we'll see you soon.


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