Perception is a powerful force

"When I say 'Dang it, I'm scared to send my kids to church!' that's so relevant! All you hear about are priests molesting kids and all those right-wing Bible thumpers! I love Jesus, but I'm scared to send my kids to this organized religious bull." - Kid Rock

I found this quote in one of my newsletters this week and realized how little involvement Mr. Rock (aka Robert Ritchie) must have with Christians. You can't say you love Jesus and hate his bride. But the perception the media drives ahead is definitively anti-Christian. If there's an issue with a church, no matter the size, it will be magnified by the anti-Christian cadre. They are driven, in my estimation, by Satan himself. Is it any wonder people no longer trust the church? Or her ministers? I'll confess that many times when I meet a stranger and they ask me what I do, I'm hesitant to tell them for fear of the judgmental condemnation that is sure to come. The real problem for many is they've confused the messenger for the message. People will infallibly let us down but that doesn't negate the message.
So what can we do? Recognize the privileged role God has given us as messengers of hope, grace, mercy and love and pour ourselves out making a mockery of the straw-man the media wants us to be.


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