Speaking of traveling. . .

I'm convinced that the people who design airplanes are frustrated short people seeking to make life miserable for tall people. They place the seats at a "wide" 9 inches apart, enough room for the Midget patrol from the "Wizard of Oz", but not many others. Are you ready for my chief pet peeve of flying? Especially with Southwest Airlines and their open seating (read that "get there early or be strapped to the wing!)? There are two rows of seats with extra leg room - the front row and the exit row. People in a hurry, I can understand, would want the front row. But invariably, no matter how early we check in, we wind up being some of the last to board the plane. Equally invariably, those rows are gobbled up - by midgets. Or the elderly (to sit in the exit row, you have to be ready and willing to handle the 50 lbs. exit door- clearly a problem for elderly ladies who seem to gravitate to that row). Or women doing their makeup. So those of us who really NEED the space are forced to cram ourselves into a middle seat somewhere in the back behind someone who will want to recline their seat despite the fact my knees are already touching the back of their seat with it upright! TALL PEOPLE UNITE! ALL YOU HAVE TO LOSE IS YOUR KNEECAPS!


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