Monday, July 1 2019

Forgive the day error for the several days on my dating - I lost a day somewhere last week and didn't have to find it till today!  

It’s been a long, rich and fruitful day!  After a wonderful and strong devotional led by Caleb Anderson and his dad Carl at 6:45 AM, Lazaro, Baraka and myself left for the college.  It was about an hour and half ride to get there.  On the way out, we saw a few warthogs and a few baboons.  Still a shocking site to my eyes.  We were supposed to start at a given time – 9 I think – and it was clear we weren’t going to make it on time.  Baraka asked me what time class was supposed to begin.  I told him, “When I get there!”  We all had a good laugh and went on.
The class, as it had been, was exceptional.  Don't mind the looks on their faces in the picture - they were happy to be there and we had a lot of fun working together.  They were eager students and had questions far beyond their training.  I was blessed by the time I spent there with them.  Far too soon, it was over.  After taking pictures with them and hugging them all at least twice, we were headed back.  Before we left, however, one of the Maasai brothers gave me a braclet with the letters “PST” – Baraka told me that’s an abbreviation for Pastor.  I was moved by his kindness and generosity. 

Little did we know how much awaited us.  When we got back, day camp had just ended and they were preparing for supper.  No sooner had I gotten out the car than Bishop said, “Darin!  You made it in time for the presentation!”  We went to the chapel where the students had prepared a presentation for us.  The Maasai children, in full traditional attire, spent the next 20 minutes performing traditional dances and songs.  I’ve never seen anything so wonderful.  It was beautiful!  The passion with which they sang and performed was inspiring. 

Afterwards, I met with Landon Merritt about the construction work.  It was clear they had been busy.  The modesty panels for the bathroom doors – a project that was not on our list – was their top priority.  Fortunately, I had told Landon and Shannon shortly after they arrived that we should expect the unexpected and plan to be surprised.  Landon said, “I was ready when they surprised us because my pastor had prepared me!”  We both laughed out loud!  The other projects – the desks, the benches and the chicken house – saw progress today as well. 

At supper, the students invited me to be there speaker for their night devotional at 9 PM.  I was humbled.  This is a kids devotional – they lead it, not the adults.  For them to invite me was a rare honor and I saw it as such.  I spoke on John 9 for about 5 minutes – Made for God’s glory!  I hope they’ll believe that about themselves. 

Now, its bedtime.  Tomorrow, Bishop, Lazaro and I will leave for a place north of Subukia where the pastor’s conference will be held.  It’s about 4 hours one way so we’ll be staying the night.  Bless us with protection and safety my Lord!


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