About our blood drive. . . .

I've gotten this question a lot this week - "are we still having the blood drive?" The answer is YES! ABSOLUTELY! NO DOUBT ABOUT IT! I can think of no better way to honor Shelley's life and memory than with continuing the blood drive.

Just yesterday, Frankston High School committed their blood drive to Shelley's honor and gave a number of units. Palestine Westwood High School did the same. There's been at least two blood drives in Dallas and at least one in Houston. What a privilege it is to be a part of something so God honoring and so clear in it's premise. While Shelley has gone home, others still need the blood that we will give in her memory and in her honor.

I know some can't give for one reason or another - but if you can, come ready on Sunday morning to give blood - in honor of Shelley.