A lazy Friday

Today is my usual day off and a welcome one at that. I've been praying, reading and catching up on my TV shows. One story that seems to keep coming up wherever I turn is the homosexual agenda. The power they seem to exhibit is disturbing to me. Exhibit A - voters in California approve Proposition 8 barring gay "marriage" in their state. Immediately, there's a clamor to overturn a democratically approved piece of legislation. Lawsuits are filed and accusations of manipulation, racism, homophobism, etc. Today, I read that the California State Supreme Court (who ruled gay marriage was acceptable forcing the issue to the ballot box in the first place) will rule on Tuesday on the constitutionality of Proposition 8 (here's the link). Any guesses how they'll rule? *snarky smirk*

Let me be clear on this issue: I have friends that I regard as close friends who are gay. Furthermore, I have never (nor do I expect to) feared gays as individuals. Their demand, however, that I openly embrace their lifestyle simply because they say so when it stands in clear contradiction to the Word of God is simply more than I can bear. It's as ludicrous to me as our President Obama stating the "anti-abortion" people and the "pro-abortion" people can find common ground. I'm sorry - what part of MURDER is difficult to understand? What part of the democractically elected "No Gay Marriage" is difficult to understand?

This is a weird time to be alive, isn't it?


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