An unusual birthday

For those who don't know, today I celebrate my birthday. Today, however, the celebration will be a bit more muted.

We received word early this morning that Rev. Ken Brown, Julie's grandfather, passed away sometime in the night. Like the true Christian gentleman I knew him to be, he slipped away quietly into the arms of the Savior he's longed for and served these many years. He just turned 91 this year (last week in fact) and had been in failing health, so it wasn't really a shock. It is, however, a loss to us in a profound way. Shadows of legacy like the one he cast are long. The legacy of faithfulness and Christian service is one I hope someday I can say I tried to emulate.

Please pray for us as we make plans to gather and mark his home-going. Right now, it appears it will be early next week near Rogers, Arkansas.


nuttandhoney said…
(((Hugs))) to you both I know he will be missed. You guys are in our thoughts and prayers.
Ronny Cooksey said…
Darin and Julie,

I am sorry for the family at the loss of Julie's grandfather. I am glad for the Kingdom of God regarding the legacy and witness he gave. I will pray right now for the funeral and for the family.....amen.



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