Update on Shelley Burks-White

Here's the latest update on Shelley received this morning. Remember, our blood drive for Shelley is Sunday, May 17th from 9:30 AM - 2 PM.

"As I believed it would, today went so much better than the week-end. Shelley was kept very busy today with physical therapy, etc.
She got a good assessment from the Transplant Team and plans are still underway to move her to the Speciality Hospital either tomorrow or the next day. I hope it is tomorrow so that she will be settled in before her birthday which is Wednesday. The best thing today was that she got to get her dialysis line removed. The doctor said that didn't mean that she might not have to have dialysis later but for now he does not plan it. Her kidneys are beginning to activate!
When she is kept busy she has less anxiety, so, overall, today has been a better day.
Tonight, pray that Shelley will rest and that her move to the other place will not be too stressful. Continue to pray that our move there will be the perfect thing, that we will see improvement soon and that she will get off the ventilator soon.
Thank you again for loving Shelley and our family.
We love you,