I wouldn't do this except. . .

This shot might look like any other ordination going on and, in many ways, it is. The only difference between this one and others is what Donnie Maib (kneeling) does for a living. More on that in a moment.

For most of the time the Lord has allowed me to be in ministry, I've tried to reinforce to people that they can be ministers right where they are. They don't have to quit their "day job" to be active and useful in the ministry of the Lord. In fact, many times they can be MORE useful to the Lord by staying in their present job. The Lord doesn't always call you away from a "regular" job to be a minister. Sometimes (in fact most times!), He plans to use you right where you are.

That brings us back to Donnie Maib. Recently ordained at Promiseland West Church, he says this about his job: "God's given me a platform," Maib said. "I don't want to be offensive or preachy, but for those searching, I'm here to share my life's experience and help (the young men under my charge)." Clearly, he sees himself as a missionary on his mission field. God is using him right where he is! What does he do? He's the assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at the University of Texas at Austin (here's the link to the whole story). I wouldn't normally emphasize such a sectarian figure, but somethings are greater than rivalries.


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