Update on Shelley White - May 7

Here's the latest update on Shelley Burks-White. Thanks for remembering to pray for her on this National Day of Prayer.

"Shelley is now in the Baylor Specialty Hospital. She was moved Tuesday afternoon. As you might expect, Tuesday was a very difficult day - she was so frightened and anxious as well as being in so much pain. The goal for this hospital is to get her off the ventilator and further along with physical therapy so that she can be moved to Baylor Institute of Rehabilitation. Our hope is that that will happen within another four weeks. Please pray specifically for that.

Shelley seems to be doing well from the transplant prospective. Her liver has not shown rejection and her "numbers" continue to improve. The best thing so far - her kidneys seem to be acting again. Coming from a woman who kept her babies's diapers dried, did not allow puppies in the house, and has encouraged her sweet husband to "lift the lid", I have never been so happy to see Pee-pee in all of my life!!!! Shelley is very nauseous and they will probably have to do a scope to determine what may be going on there. I forgot to ask if they will have to transport her back to Main Baylor for procedures such as that. I so hope not because the moves by ambulalnce are so difficult.

Thank you once again, my dear FRIENDS, for your love and support. Johnny and I miss you all so much. We are so grateful for each of you. (Thank you, Ann, for forwarding this to ALL my good friends.)