Monday Morning Reflections

- First off, let me say how proud I am of us as a church! Our blood drive yielded 65 units! Wow! If all those who had desired to give had actually given, we'd have bumped 80 (we had several turned away for one reason or another)! Thanks to all of you who contributed to the blood drive either by giving blood or by contributing your time to help it go smoothly. We had a CROWD! Thanks.
- The final of our deacon series messages was well received. Please continue to lift those who need to serve in those roles. If you haven't already picked up a recommendation form, please find them on the crescent table in the foyer.
- Please continue to lift up the family of Shelley Burks-White. I've had time to spend with Judy and Johnny over yesterday and today and they're doing as well as can be expected. The single greatest comfort is that Shelley is no longer limited by the body that constrained her.
- This weekend is Memorial Day - one of the poorest attended Sundays of the year. I'm warning you now - if you skip out, you'll miss a wonderful blessing! Rick Stewart, Sr, Henderson County Constable of Pr. 4, will be giving his testimony and I'm telling you it's powerful! Don't skip out by going to the lake. It'll still be there after church and we don't have Sunday night services.
- We've got a family reunion this week with Julie's family, the Browns. While we saw each other at Grandpa's funeral last week, this is chance to get to see each other and celebrate life instead of mourn our loss. We suspicion at least one family member has some big news for us, so check back with me next week!


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