Update on Shelley White - May 4

Below, you'll find our latest update on Shelley White's condition. Please continue to pray for her as she continues her healing.

Another week-end has passed and as usual, not much was accomplished. On Friday, Shelley was able to stay down to "5" (which is very good) on the ventilator for 2 hrs, but today was not able to withstand any reduction in settings. I think this is partly because the week-end nurses come in not knowing much about what she is able to do and don't work with her very much. She has not received any physical therapy since Friday. I look forward to Mondays when the routine starts over and we see progress.
Shelley has been in a lot of discomfort today and it has been very difficult to watch her suffer. She has had a lot of bloody mucous from her throat which the doctor thinks is old blood coming from her stomach (something they are watching). She is becoming increasingly frustrated over not being able to speak or swallow liquid. I had expected that she would be moved to Baylor Speciality Hospital tomorrow but after this week-end, they may put the move off a day or two. The good news is that her kidneys seem to be stabilizing. She has not been dialyzed in four days now and of course, the doctors will continue to assess daily. They have, as of today, reduced her steriod dosage which should affect her kidney numbers in a positive way.
Thanks again to all of you who have prayed so HARD! Please pray that God will grant me a little extra (He is SO GOOD to me) strength as I have to watch Shelley's pain and anxiety. I know He understands when I ask Him for a "little extra". And please continue to check on Johnny. He is so tired when he leaves here at night to return home.


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