We're back

Thanks for praying for us over the last several days. We got back home last night around 10 PM. In case you're curious, it's a 953 miles round trip from here to Rogers, Arkansas.

The service went quite well. I think Grandpa would've been pleased. He requested one song and Julie sang it beautifully. My father-in-law, David, spoke briefly with a testimony about Grandpa. Bro. Gary Orr, our uncle and Grandpa's son-in-law, did the funeral message. All in all, we had five preachers take part in the service. No wonder it lasted an hour! :-)

Truthfully, it was more a celebration than any service I've been to in a long time. He lived an God-honoring life, leaving a legacy of faithfulness and passion for Christ that we hope we can emulate. Today, we know he's home. Thanks for sharing him with us, Lord - our lives are forever changed as a result.


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